Alcohol and drug addiction claims one life every four minutes in our country. These deaths are preventable—and yet the stigma surrounding addiction keeps millions from getting life-saving help.

We can end the stigma. Together.


As a voice on the national stage of recovery advocacy, the Alano Club of Portland strives to put a human face on addiction and broaden the public’s awareness about what it means to be a person in recovery.

By offering advocacy trainings, events and workshops, we mobilize the recovery community to stand up for recovery and speak out for greater access to recovery support. Through these efforts, we show that people can and do recover—every single day. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Join the growing advocacy recovery movement today and get involved in helping us strengthen the recovery community.

Advocacy education and events

The Alano Club’s advocacy efforts include:


Recovery Messaging Training Workshop

Learn how to easily discuss recovery using public-opinion tested language and strategize with other local recovery leaders. This workshop also includes opportunities to practice speaking about recovery outside the recovery community. Sign up to receive information by email

101 Training Workshop

An introduction to basic legislative concepts, covering issues such as how bills become laws in Oregon, best practices for building effective relationships with elected officials and key stakeholders, and how to garner support for public policy initiatives. Sign up to receive information by email

Anonymous People Screenings

On a semi-annual basis we screen the recovery film “Anonymous People” accompanied by a facilitated conversation on the recovery advocacy movement and how people can get involved. Sign up to receive information by email

Recovery Advocacy Workshop

This annual workshop provides a short history of the recovery advocacy movement and an in-depth briefing on current recovery initiatives at the state and federal level. Participants are taught how to advocate publicly and stand up for their rights while honoring the anonymity tradition of recovery programs. Sign up to receive information by email

Hands Across the Bridge

The Alano Club is a lead sponsor and organizer of the largest National Recovery Month event on the west coast—Hands Across the Bridge. Each September, more than 3,000 men, women and families in recovery join hands across the I-5 Bridge, connecting Oregon and Washington, in a powerful display of unity in recovery. The event includes vendors, food carts, live music and speeches by elected officials and local recovery leaders. Sign up to receive information by email

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Recovery Voices Count

Become a voter for recovery.

When you register to vote and get involved in voting activities, your voice will be heard at the local, state and national level. Visit the Oregon Secretary of State’s office for more information about voting in Oregon, including updating your registration, registering before Election Day and registering to vote on Election Day.
You can also find information about special circumstances, such as registering to vote if you are experiencing homelessness or voting if you’ve been in the criminal justice system.

Let your elected officials hear from you.

They need to know that recovery IS possible and that constituents like you have a lot to say about what recovery means to you, your family and your community. Find out who your legislators are here and write to or visit them to share your story of recovery.

Stories of Recovery

People are changing the conversation about addiction. And their unified voices are reducing the stigma and secrecy that prevent others from getting life-saving help. We hope these stories of recovery will inspire you to get involved!